Superbrain in Wels

On September 19, the Welios Science Center Wels invited visitors to the opening of its new special exhibition "Superbrain". The perfect occasion to take an interested look at innovations in neurosurgery.

In the popular hands-on Museum of Science & Technology, hundreds of pairs of eyes and ears eagerly followed the presentation by Dr. Matthias Gmeiner from the Neurosurgery Department of the Neuromed Campus of Kepler University Hospital. Together with Dr. Michael Giretzlehner, Head of Research Deparment Medical Informatics of RISC Software GmbH, he gave an impressive presentation on the challenges of treating aneurysms on an open brain, where surgical incisions of less than a millimeter can make the difference between life, death, or consequential damage.

The MEDUSA research project will now provide answers to the question of how patient safety can be further improved in this extremely complex field. The idea: What has long been common practice for the training and ongoing education of airline pilots - practicing on a simulator - must also become possible for preparing neurosurgeons for difficult interventions.

Anyone who would like to visit the "Superbrain" exhibition has the opportunity to do so from now on, from Tuesday to Sunday. Welios, which primarily targets children and young people, also inspires (and educates) adults with exciting exhibits and hands-on activities. The three topics presented: "Brain in Play," "Brain and Synapses," and "Brain in Action."

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