Positive Interim Evaluation of the MEDUSA Medical Lead Project

The 13 consortium partners successfully convinced with the presentation of the project progress.

On the 22nd of September 2020, the FFG interim evaluation of the medical lead project "Medical EDUcation in Surgical Aneurysm Clipping" (MEDUSA) took place at the FH Linz. The 13 consortium partners could successfully convince both with the presentation of the project progress so far, as well as the future project course. The positive evaluation and the constructive feedback by the expert evaluators are of great importance for the further project implementation and also confirm the excellent cooperation within the consortium.

The goal of the MEDUSA research project is to develop a revolutionary training and planning platform for neurosurgeons to simulate complex clipping operations on cerebral arteries in a detailed and holistic way. This is because surgical interventions on the brain are extremely difficult and often only possible with the help of high technology and extraordinary cognitive and motor skills of neurosurgeons. A hybrid neurosurgical simulator will combine the real and virtual worlds to create versatile and realistic training opportunities. Surgeons will be able to haptically feel the “patient” and see internal, otherwise invisible anatomical structures in the form of virtually generated holograms. Further goals of the project are to establish an Upper Austrian simulation and cooperation center and to transfer core technologies into future medical products.