Neurosurgery experts provide ideas for perfect MEDUSA design

In the past months, so-called expert interviews took place between the usability team of the lead project MEDUSA and neurosurgeons of the Kepler University Hospital.

The aim of these interviews was to obtain comprehensive feedback on the planned first prototype. The collection of ideas and, above all, wishes for the future neurosurgical training platform had top priority. This is because it is important for the entire project team to learn early on in the project phase which functionalities and, above all, designs are considered relevant and which are not relevant by the experts with regard to the hybrid approach (combination of haptic and virtual components) and the training platform implementation.

Functional implementations and designs that were classified as not relevant in the course of the interviews currently represent probably the most important input in order to be able to plan the further course of the project in a targeted manner and to realize the prototype "in time".

The next step will be the project-internal testing of the first prototype in the premises of the so-called MEDUSA garage. On the basis of this project-internal testing, final changes will be made to the very first prototype.

This first prototype will of course be tested by neurosurgery experts. The results of these test runs will in turn serve as design input for the hardware and software development for the implementation of the second prototype.

The entire MEDUSA project team would like to thank the participants of the interviews and the important input they provided!