MEDUSA following in the footsteps of big tech companies in the Silicon Valley of Linz

Following in the footsteps of big tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple, who can dedicate their success to a garage among other things, the MEDUSA garage has now been initialised in the "Silicon Valley of Linz".

In the so-called MEDUSA Garage, the innovative ideas that have been conceived since 2019 are now being realized. The larger a project is, the more pronounced the individual functions are. This makes it all the more difficult to see the overall concept and its effects. Especially for this reason, it is now essential to unite the individual designed components and expertise of all consortium partners in the MEDUSA Garage, because "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" - Aristotle.

On 22.09.2020, the FFG interim evaluation already took place, where the 13 consortium partners were able to impress with the presentation of the project progress and planned procedures. The positive evaluation and the constructive feedback by the expert evaluators are motivation and confirmation for the entire consortium.

The aim of the research project MEDUSA is to develop a revolutionary training and planning platform for neurosurgeons to simulate complex clipping operations on cerebral arteries in a detailed and holistic way. A hybrid neurosurgical simulator will combine the real and virtual worlds to create versatile and realistic training opportunities. Surgeons will be able to haptically feel the man-made patient and see internal, otherwise invisible anatomical structures in the form of virtually generated holograms.

Project partners

alpha medical concepts e.U.

cortEXplore GmbH

eulerian-solutions e.U.

EVO-tech GmbH

FH Upper Austria Research and Development GmbH

Johannes Kepler University Linz, Institute of Polymer Product Engineering

Johannes Kepler University Linz, Institute of Polymer Science

Kepler University Hospital Linz, University Hospital for Neurosurgery

LIFEtool non-profit GmbH

Netural GmbH


RISC Software GmbH

R'n'B Consulting GmbH